Recent Insights On Diabetic Dermopathy

Rashmi Saxena Pal*, Pranay Wal, Yogendra Pal, Ankita Wal
Department of Pharmacy, PSIT, Kanpur, India

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Diabetic dermopathy consists of small, round, brown atrophic skin lesions that occur on the shins of patients with diabetes. Its proper diagnosis is essential for proper management.


The present study has been undertaken to study the complications, signs, symptoms, prevention and cure of dermopathy caused by diabetes.

Material and Methods:

Dermopathy was studied in brief with the help of literature available in the form of articles, various databases, medical news, etc.


Proper diagnosis and cure are necessary at early stages to prevent future complications associated with it.


Diabetic dermopathy requires no treatment, but may be a surrogate for more serious complications of diabetes, which require investigation and management.

Keywords: Diabetes, Dermopathy, Lesions, Skin, Pretibial patches, Polygenic disorder.