Effects of Corona Virus on the Skin: Symptoms and Risks

The Open Dermatology Journal 20 Aug 2020 LETTER DOI: 10.2174/1874372202014010028


Coronavirus is a disease that affects mainly the upper respiratory tract, but in somecases, it can also affect the skin. This study aims to describe the effect of coronavirus on the skin function. Skin gets affected easily because coronavirus first comes into contact with the skin and mucous membrane. Numerous studies are investigating the symptoms of coronavirus appearing on the skin in different forms like rashes, blisters, irritation, dermatitis, etc. The excessive use of sanitizers and soaps can also cause skin problems. Personal protective equipment can also cause irritation to the skin and mucous membrane. It is concluded from the study that skin must be protected from the exposure of the external environment where the virus may be present. Moreover, sanitizers and soaps must be used in a limited quantity and proper medication should be taken by the patients having a skin disease because they may get affected with the coronavirus.

Keywords: Coronavirus, Skin disease, Personal protective equipment, Dermatological problem, Health professionals, Sanitizers.
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