In-House Preparation and Standardization of Herbal Face Pack

The Open Dermatology Journal 31 Oct 2017 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874372201711010072



Since the ancient times, there has been awareness among people regarding the use of plants for the essential needs of a healthy and beautiful skin. Cosmetics are the products used to clean, beautify and promote attractive appearance. Cosmetics designed via incorporating natural sources such as herbs have been proven very fulfilling, in coping up with the present needs of different skin types.


As due to increased pollution, allergy, microbes etc, human skin has become more sensitive and prone to faster aging. An attempt has been made to synthesize a pack ideal for all skin types. After the synthesis, all the parameters have been calculated in order to meet up the quality standards.

Materials and Methods:

The constituents were extracted from herbal ingredients such as Multani mitti, green tea, saffron, gram flour, turmeric, shwet chandan and milk powder. They were purchased from the local area and were dried separately, grinded, passed through sieve no 40, mixed homogenously and then evaluated for parameters including organoleptic, physicochemical, rheological features, phytochemical, stability, and irritancy examination.


The dried powders of combined pack showed good flow property which is suitable for a face pack. Organoleptic evaluation showed that the pack is smooth and pleasant smelling powder. Rheological findings justified the flow properties of the pack as it was found to be free flowing and non-sticky in nature. The results proved that the formulation was stable on all aspects. Irritancy test showed the negative. Stability tests performed revealed the inert nature of the pack.


Thus, in the present work, we formulated a pack, which can be easily made with the easily available ingredients. It showed all the benefits of a face pack and further optimization studies are required on its various parameters to find its useful benefits on the human beings.

Keywords: Skin, Herbal face pack, Preparation, Standardization, Synthesis, Ingredients.
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