Current Review on Herbs for Derma Care

Rashmi Saxena Pal1, *, Yogendra Pal1, Nikita Saraswat1, Pranay Wal1, Ankita Wal1
1 Deparment of Pharmacy, PSIT Kanpur, NH-2, Bhauti, PSIT, Kanpur, India

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A large number of cosmetic formulations have been developed based on herbs. Indian women have been using herbs such as sandalwood, aloe for skincare protection, since ages. In India, the rich cultural heritage is behind the materials used in cosmetics from the earliest period of medical and cosmetic art.


Continuous application of synthetic compounds on the skin causes many adverse effects such as skin irritation, allergy, discoloration, rashes along with skin cancer. The aim of this review article is to explore herbs for different skincare needs.

Materials and Methods:

A literature search was done on various herbs used for skin nourishment, cleansing, sun-screens, bleach, anti-ageing, moisturization and other skin requirements.


There are various herbs present in nature. They improve and clarify skin gently in an utmost manner.


These herbs are full of phytoconstituents, having natural goodness to fulfill the different demands of skin.

Keywords: Periodontal disease, Psoriasis, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Herbs, Derma care, Skin care.